Wednesday, 4 August 2010

If this is Left David Milliband lets have more of it..

No Left Turn?
The leader in the Times this morning beseeched David Milliband to reconsider the direction of his leadership campaign.
I thought that this was going to be another article telling Labour that if they wanted to be fit to govern then they ought to turn their attention to making themselves attractive partners for a coalition with the Lib Dems. The Times suggests that Milliband D has endorsed a series of priorities which 'suggest that he is heading decisively towards the left'. My eyes raced along the column to see what policies Milliband had championed. Imagine my delight when I discovered that his sin was to endorse a Mansion Tax and wider industrial democracy. It seems to me that the older Milliband may just have begun to sus what policies might appeal to a wider electorate looking to endorse a genuinely progressive coalition. No wonder The Times is unhappy.

Of course there is still along way to travel. I have yet to hear a convincing apology from the Labour Party for its decade of abuse of our liberties or the knee jerk centralising instincts of Gordon Brown. I guess we shall wait still longer for them to acknowledge the need for an ethical foreign policy along the lines that Robin Cook would have endorse, but it is one small step toward a policy position that makes it possible to believe that some in the Labour hierarchy recognise the direction along which they need to travel-even if The Times cannot see it.

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