Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Birkdale attracts the stars

We've had quite a rush of sporting activity in Birkdale. Lancs CCC 2nd XI have been to play and last week we had the Women's Open Golf. I went along on Saturday afternoon and followed the eventual winner, Yani Tseng, around the closing holes.
It was good to see some many people there. I'm not sure how much this event is worth to the local economy but wandering around I met  many locals who has picked up jobs and the hotels and guest houses must have been full. There were the usual crop of stories of local letting out their houses to caddies and journalists.
The event itself was a success despite the vagaries of the weather. The crowds were good and it was comfortable to walk round-sometime at the Men's Open the crowd is really 'oppressive'. I am always amazed how quickly the 'village' springs us with its hospitality tents, retail outlets and media centre.
there was excellent media coverage especially on BBC2 and on ESPN. I'm in no position to judge the quality of the golf but I was impressed with Yani Tseng's shots off the tee. She seem to effortless hit the ball prodigious distances and one long distance putt in particular had the crowd gasping.
Now of all the pictures I have seen of the links course the one I like best is the one on the Bruichladdich special edition-surely a dram to rival Auld Johnson!

Next year, we understand, Birkdale may once again be hosting Lancs County Criket Club in possibly two four day matches. The wicket at Old Trafford is being relaid and turned round 90%. This will mean that the Ist XI will be on its travels and returning to the likes of Birkdale and Lytham St Annes-whether they will go to that bit of Lancs across the sands that is now in Cumbria I've no idea.

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