Thursday, 29 July 2010

Tess Gerritsen at Southport Flower Show

I must admit that despite my mild addiction to crime novels-I'm reading the Susan Hill 'The Vows of Silence'-I have not come across Tess Grittitsen until last night.During a presentation on the Southport Flower Show I learned that they were developing a mini 'bloomin book festival' and that one of the stars is Ms Gerritsen. I checked out her website and sure enough she is in the UK for a Book Tour in August-altho Southport is not -as yet- mentioned in her itinerary. Well I can confirm she will be at the Flower Show:

Sunday 22nd August
2.00pm Tess Gerritsen   Internationally acclaimed best selling author
The Killing Place
The newest heart-stopping thriller from Tess Gerritsen incorporates a seamless plot with tremendous action. The Killing Place takes the ongoing characters Dr Maura Isles and homicide detective Jane Rizzoli into a mysterious village to discover a dark secret.
We’re very proud at the Bloomin’ Good Books Festival to welcome such a high calibre and famous author to our inaugural festival.

Anyway speaking of the largest independent flower show it is on 19th-22nd August and is brilliant. It has attracted as many as 85 000 visitors to the town and makes a major contribution to our economy. It is good to hear they are developing new initiatives and partnership in the town. In particular a joint venture with local restaurateurs sound interesting. 
BBC televsion has given wall to wall exposure to the Tatton Flower show-equivalent to a mega advertising budget if they'd paid for it. I hope that we get similar treatment!
One improvement we would all like to see is for Northern Rail to get its act together. Last year folk were being prevented from getting on the train from Wigan and Burscough and stops to Southport because the carriages were full. The same thing happened with the Air Show. This year there is a rail / ticket deal with Northern. Let us hope that they have the capacity to deliver what they are advertising. 

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