Monday, 5 July 2010

Campaign triumph!

All those wet and windy days collecting signatures for the Save our Library campaign, all the meetings where Labour and the Tories ganged up together to frustrate our campaign were worth it. Today at 9.30am the Mayor Maureen Fearn was joined by Jean Alexander to open our town centre library. Jean played a crucial role in the successful campaign and it was appropriate she was the first resident to return her books to the new library.
(Well actually, if we are being strictly honest, I was the first user as I was about to embark on a 6 hr+ journey to Bournemouth so I used the opportunity to get a book out for the train.. Jean Alexander had no fines to pay)

I have say that the ground floor conversion of the Visiter Newspaper offices is brilliant. As the photos show the lay out and the relocated shelving work really well. There are the same number of computers in the building as there were in the Atkinson Library. (Atkinson was a former Liberal Mayor of Southport so it was appropriate that Maureen should preform the ribbon cutting ceremony)

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