Friday, 9 July 2010

Andrew Stunnell at the LGA

Andrew Stunnell turned up to the LGA with the rest of the local government ministerial team. Amongst other places Andrew spoke to the Lib Dem group meeting and the Annual meal where, as you would expect, he was well received.

It was interesting that although few doubted the way ahead was going to be rough the number who thought we had made the wrong call was incredibly small. Many of us have been in this for the long haul and have always known that this was a stage which we had to pass through. The route to survival and is the same as the path that got us here-hard work, focused campaigning and a clear view of where we want to get to. In many ways we need to redouble our campaigning and concentrate on effectively working with our residents. Many of us have been through hard times before . A few headless chickens will scurry away but after this week at the LGA I am certain that overwhelmingly we will come through the challenges of the next parliament.

Whilst Andrew was around we all  took the opportunity of asking him a number of questions. It is not appropriate to go into details here other than to say on the issue of the Standard Board he gave the answer we wished to hear!
The photo show Ian Marks-Leader of Warrington Borough Council-talking to Andrew

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