Friday, 25 June 2010

Trident should be included in the strategic defence and security review

Surely, surely it is becoming obvious that the scale of reductions required are so drastic that no option should go unexamined. In this context I continue to believe that the Trident missile replacement should be included in the defence review.

I was pleased to see that the new Lib Dem MP for Cambridge Julian Huppert has made the case:

The future of Trident nuclear missiles should be included in the government's defence review and scrapped unless a strong case for it can be made, Cambridge MP Julian Huppert insisted in Parliament.

He raised the controversial issue with Prime Minister, David Cameron during Prime Minister's Question in the House of Commons today (Wednesday, June 23).

"Does the Prime Minister agree with several generals, many members of the public and me that Trident should be included in the strategic defence and security review?" he asked.

And he added that if there were a case for retaining Trident the review would prove it, and if not, it should be scrapped.

But Mr Cameron reiterated his support for retaining the nuclear deterrent saying it was an "insurance policy against great danger".

He added, however, that there is a case for looking at the costs of Trident and seeing "how we can bear down on them."

"I do not believe that we should have the wider review that he suggests."

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