Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Tories are top claimers again......well until Mark Dowd's expenses are published?

The annual statement of Allowances and Expenses paid to councillors by Sefton Council has just been published.  The “official” statement is available on Sefton’s website.

 We have also done some detailed analysis, and you can see that on our website

Once again it shows that, on average, Conservative councillors were the highest paid on Sefton Council, with Liberal Democrats being the lowest paid.

The average members allowances paid, by Party, in 2009/10 were:

Conservative             £15,930
Labour                        £14,370
Liberal Democrat      £13,540

We covered this item last year when it was noted:

The most interesting/surprising thing to me is that, on average, Conservative councillors are the highest paid on Sefton Council.
Last year, Conservative councillors were paid £2300 more on average than Liberal Democrats, £15,160 pa v. £12,860 pa. This equates to an extra 18%

Once again we so not yet have publication of some of the most important allowance giving bodies eg what used to be called the Mersey Passenger Transport Exec. I predict that when those figures finally see the light of day Sefton Councillor Mark Dowd (Lab) will easily top the list of claimants. Why is it that every year the Transport Exec delays its publication of councillors' allowances until after the main list is published and thus escapes public scrutiny? 

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