Friday, 25 June 2010

Sefton Labour still in love with a misremembered past

Meeting a waste of time and more importantly MONEY!

Our deficit denying colleagues in Bootle Labour Party seem predictably enthusiastic about shouting ya boo at any suggestion that spending has to be reduced. Please do not confuse them by pointing out that they too had pledged to cut public spending by tens of billions of pounds (only they conveniently forgot to explain where their axe would fall)

The latest episode was Cllr Dowd calling a special council meeting it a rather crude attempt to sabotage the action we need to take quickly. 

My colleague Tony Robertson has made his views clear commenting on the Special Sefton Council meeting called by the Labour Party Lib Dem Leader Cllr. Robertson said 

"This Labour stunt was a waste of time, effort and money that the council can ill afford.

Hot air and hostile point-scoring in the council chamber makes no
sense at a time when Sefton faces its biggest ever financial challenge because of
the mess left behind by the previous government.

This is also an irresponsible delaying tactic by Sefton Labour
councillors. Councillors are elected to represent the public and take
decisions. We owe it to residents and all council employees to come
to conclusions as soon as possible. We are prepared to do this while
Labour seems to be bottling out.

We fully intend to consult the public of the Borough on the wider
restructuring of the Council and its services but we need to make
some decisions urgently. The longer we leave it the more likely it is that
Council staff could lose their jobs.

As a consequence of our Group's unanimous view we did not attend the
meeting because it served no useful purpose and wasted council
taxpayers money. The business put to the Council would have to be agreed by the
Cabinet anyway.

We cancelled the buffet meal due to be served before the meeting for
our Group as such money can be spent more wisely elsewhere."

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