Thursday, 13 May 2010

Stunnel-Flaky Labour

Having sat on Cheshire County Council whilst it was a 'hung authority' and seen it deliver exceedingly well for its residents I have had a ring side seat at negociations involving Andrew Stunnel. I can't always claim to have agreed with him but I formed the opinion that he was honest, straight forward and effective. I was therefore interested in his reflections on the negociations with Labour. Politics Home reports his take on those events:

I formed an opinion that some of they may have been serious but they seemed not to even acknowledge the fact they'd lost 91 seats.

"We had absolutely no problem having a big reforming programme with the Labour party but had doubts over whether they would deliver it because that's what happened in '97.

"I have to say there was a distinct lack of engagement from the Labour team or realisation that just carrying on with the current direction of the government just wasn't good enough.

"They couldn't even promise we'd have enough votes for a referendum on AV. Labour - who have got the alternative vote in their manifesto - were more flaky than the Conservatives."

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