Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Southport's worst Tory result since at least 1885

Time for a little historical reflection

I  can confirm that the Tory's have set a record in Southport. Their 35.8% of the vote was
marginally worse than Matthew Banks`  35.9% in 1997 and you don`t need
me to tell you what an awful year that was for the Tories !
Interestingly the Tories have not polled as much as 40% of the vote
since 1992. In the last four elections they got 35.9, 36.5. 37.0 and
My detailed records only go back to 1885 but I think it is fair to say
that the Tories performance in Southport was almost certainly their
worst ever despite Lord Ashcroft`s  funding.

On the local election front we have highlighted Haydn`s
incredible swing. I can think of nothing to equal it. Without looking up
the record books I would suggest our 6 out of 7 wins was better than
anything  we have achieved previously. The year Alix Farley won
Cambridge may have also coincided with us winning Ainsdale but I think
not. Back in 1962 we won 9 of the 10 seats we contested but all but one
were straight fights against the Tories.

Thank to Michael Braham for the research -you can learn more by looking at his History of Southport Liberals available online at our website

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