Friday, 7 May 2010

Southport Victory

John Pugh      21 707
Porter (..Tory) 15 683
Conalty (Lab)   4,116
Durrance (UKIP)  2,251    

Brilliant campaign. It did help to have a well respected hard working local champion in John Pugh. Sadly my colleague Simon Shaw became unwell and had to be taken to hospital and so missed the drama. This was a rout. It was easy to take the tactical decision that to win we had to attack in the Tory stronghold of Ainsdale where their candidate was a high profile councillor with a whopping majority. It was Simon who led the charge with ideas about how to develop the campaign. For a month key Birkdale activists -joined latter by people from the rest of the town- campaigned in Ainsdale. You will note that almost all my campaign blogging has come from Ainsdale. I'm just off to the local government count and we will see the full extent of the swing in Ainsdale. My guess that it will dwarf many we have seen tonight. 
We should also mention in dispatches the campaign in Dukes ward. This is the other Tory ward. They too worked their socks off. I will report more of how we did it and the implications later. But for background follow the 'Tory Squabble' tags below.

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