Saturday, 8 May 2010

Is AV now the guarantee that the Tories are serious modernisers?

I was impressed by Portillo on Newsnight yesterday. He essentially said that if Cameron was a moderniser that he couldn't turn his back on electoral reform. It is clearly not reasonable to expect an agreement on the details of a reform package to be hammered out in the next 24 hrs but we have to be satisfied that it will happen and that we will not land up with just another Speakers conference. In that context immediate legalisation to introduce preferential voting would provide the sort of comfort we seek. In the short term it would guarantee no backsliding. Any dash to the polls under AV would more certainly than FPTP lead to an election result similar to the one we have now. It would allow a period of stable government and an election in due course after a referendum with a new voting system. Not an original thought, I know, but one worth considering.

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