Thursday, 6 May 2010

high turn out, angry UKIP voters and thanks

Turn out is up. It is certainly higher at the polling stations in Birkdale than it was in 2005 and that  is before you take into account the extra postal votes that have been registered. I would say that we will be over 75% by the end of polling.
 I was up early for a good morning drop in Ainsdale and have done some delivery in Bikdale this morning. I've had more people in the street wishing me luck that normal and I have had one outburst of vitriol from a resident who I understood would be voting UKIP-their voters do seem to be very angry.
We are expecting a General Election result around 3.00am tomorrow which I will post on the blog asap. Tomorrow we do the council count beginning at 1pm. I guess we should be through by 3pm.

Thanks to all who have helped. It has been the best campaign we've run.

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