Monday, 12 April 2010

a touch of the blue chickens?

I was watching a re-run of episode 126 of the West Wing the other evening. The Santos campaign were low on funds and discussing one last throw of the dice with an 'attack ad'. Josh had come up with ad advert with a chicken aimed at pushing the two front runners into a debate with his candidate. Sensibly the campaign decided not to run with it and against all the conventional wisdom to stay positive. It strikes me that there are some fairly obvious parallels. LynneFeathrstone picked one up this morning referring to a report in the Guardian 
and locally the what appears to be the avoidance of debates by one would be MP comes to mind.

For myself I think we have to show the electorate that not only have we the fresh ideas but we have a strategy that can get them implemented. In this context there was a different article in the Guardian that took my eye.

Clegg has already floated this notion and now Cable has fleshed it out a bit:

Cable suggests what could be described as a "Treasury of national unity", if not a government. "We have thought hard about having a mechanism that enables us to look at the wider national interest as opposed to the narrow party interest, and that's why we came up with this concept of the council for fiscal stability. Whatever the outcome of the election, what we very much need to do is to isolate this massive issue of the deficit and try to get consensus between the three parties on what it is and how quickly you deal with it, coordinate it with monetary policy, and get the basic economics right. Because otherwise you're just going to lose international confidence. That's the way to deal with it."

His council of fiscal stability would happen in parallel to votes in parliament, to get "consensus on the basic framework".

The public are fed up with all the negativity and name calling in politics. Everyone knows that there are tough decisions to be made on the economy and here is a mechanism for putting the people first. Such arrangements can only happen in moments of national crisis. Today we have that opportunity we'd be 'chicken' not  to take it.

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