Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Tories slow to face up to new political situation...again

I know I'm a bit late in commenting on this item but stay with me. Right wing blogger Guido Fawkes did an posting the other day 'Coalition for Change'. It is well worth reading. It is only example I've come across of the Right facing up to the the new political situation. By and large the Tory line has continued to be 'give us a majority' -blissfully unaware that if they form a government with the support of only 1 in 5 electors they will not have a mandate for painful  financial and fiscal reform. Such an outcome would lead to Greek style unrest. There are signs that the Labour High Command is contemplating adapting to meet the circumstances.

The Fawkes article is of interest for a second reason, When he lists those who he imagines will hold high office in his Coalition for Change do note how many Lib Dems front benchers he mentions by name-Nick Clegg,Vince Cable, Ed Davey, David Laws, Chris Huhne. Now observe how many Tories front benchers he mentions-Cameron, Osborne, Hammond. That is the real change in the balance of power in this election. We have more heavy weight spokesmen than the official opposition. (Fawkes does also mention Douglas Carswell, who when I last looked was not a front bench spokesman and is described as a' little eccentric' by some-which I guess is code for a friend of Daniel Hannan )

My assumption is that  when Nick triumphs again on Thursday the Tories will get a little flaky. I think I can even hear Douglas Hurd talking to Jim Naughtie about his long time support for electoral reform..............

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