Monday, 19 April 2010

Tories bottle it on Radio 4 Today

The BBC have been trying to get someone on their flagship programme Today to talk about their response to the Lib Dems and none was available. Th editor of Conservative Home stepped into the breach. Don't panic Mr Cameron, don't panic....

I've a bone to pick with Conservative Home. In a bit of negative campaigning they accused John Pugh of being 'young and inexperience'. Now John is not only a grandfather he is also old to enough to get a bus pass! He was also Leader of Sefton Council and has won two general elections as well as having a successful professional career before hand. I'm gobsmacked that Conservative Home have brought up the issues of age and experience-mind you John appears to be delighted to be described as 'youthful' which is not something that happens to men over 60 very often!

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