Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The times, they are a changin..............

Earlier today I was lamenting the failure of the Tories to take on board the changed political landscape. We may well be seing the end of FPTP elections and coalitions and minority governemnts could become the order of the day. I've now come across a second right winger trying to reconciole himself to the new situation.
I particularly enjoyed his reaction to Iain Dale's assertion that somehow multi party government is intrinsincly evil and un-British:

You English, sometimes you are the crazy people. Here's Iain Dale for instance, dismissing any notion of a Tory-Liberal arrangement:

All coalitions end in failure, the partners don't agree, postponement and indecision become the order of the day. Britain today does not need a two-headed donkey.

This, as anyone with any knowledge of politics anywhere else could tell you, is piffle. It's not even true of British politics. Few people would argue that the Labour-Liberal coalition at Holyrood was one of democracy's grander moments but it wasn't obviously worse than, say, a majority Labour ministry might have been and it was, in fact, all too stable and all too able to get things done. Not good things, you understand but definitely things anyway.
The times they are a changing

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