Wednesday, 21 April 2010

A real laxative for the political system.............

Despite the truly appalling Party Political broadcast from UKIP  that Lib Dem Voice features today  the party is very attractive to a certain type of voter. Many in the Tory party would agree with them far more than they do with their own party and its contorted and unconvincing attempts to describe itself as 'liberal'.

I say this in the context of a little outburst on Iain Dale's diary in which he lays in to those in the Tory ranks who are beginning to argue that this would be a good election to loose. He suggests that electoral reform would-as Roy Jenkin's always argued-allow a progressive alliance to be formed and exclude the Conservatives from power for the foreseeable future. 

Let us leave aside the discussion of just how progressive Labour are with their opposition to political reform, fair taxes and support for cold war nuclear weapons-Dale should be more aware of the impact of STV on the very structure of the Tories. I wonder just how many would dessert to UKIP if the voting system did not discriminate against them so heavily. It would not just be that the centre right would be out of power, they would be hard pressed to hold the existing party together. The vast ideological differences within the party that so stymied John Major would come alive again. I'm not sure the 'centre' would hold.

And as for the Labour party-the sight of their activists faces as their leader slag off Lib Dems for proposing that we axe Trident!

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