Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Nick Clegg and John obscure the classic resort poster

Now I'm the last person to criticize other people's photographs. There are some ghastly ones of me about with all manner of foliage seemingly growing out of my head!. I like this photo of Nick and John; firstly they are smiling quiet naturally and secondly they are clearly talking to each other. These are two things that are not always true of candidate photographs. The lady on their left is Pat Sumner who feature in one of our earlier 'unsung heroine' postings. My only 'picky' criticism is that John's head is obscuring the 'Southport-the classic resort' poster. If my ward colleague Simon Shaw was taking the photo he would have insisted that they  did it again  so that the poster was in full view. For my part I think the naturalness of the picture trumps perfect positioning

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