Thursday, 22 April 2010

a new phenomenon?

First I should acknowledge that I copied this tabloid montage from political betting an secondly I should also acknowledge the following article from Tory blogger Iain Dale:

These Shameful Attacks on Clegg Will Backfire

Iain Dale 12:01 AM

What a terrible indictment of the British press we see this morning. The Mail runs a spurious story about Nick Clegg making a supposed Nazi slur against Britain. The Express reckons he wants us to be overrun by immigrants. The Telegraph accuses him, of well, properly declaring donations made to him to employ a member of staff. I haven't seen The Sun yet, but judging by their tirades against him over the last few days, he will probably be accused of fathering Kerry Katona's latest child and then paying her to get rid of it.

What a disgrace. And they say blogs are biased. On Sunday 
I wrote...
Personal attacks on Nick Clegg will not work. They will backfire on those who make them and rightly so. Everyone who knows Nick Clegg likes him. He's a transparently likeable individual. Anyone trying to make out that he's anything else will come a cropper.

It is well worth reading the full article and the comments that are attached to it.

I was out canvassing again last night and had an extremely good response. I was in Ainsdale (where our Tory candidate is a councillor) I was surprised that so few people mentioned her. At one door I spoke with a thoughtful lady who had watched the debates. If I had canvassed her before the debates I guess she would have gone down as a 'soft Tory'. She acknowledged the work that the Tory lady had done locally but said that she thought she wouldn't be suited to Westminster. It was clear to me that we had come across a new phenomenon; someone who votes Lib Dem nationally and Conservative locally (it is often the other way around in most of Southport). The final bit of the conversation was about the local elections. I though she might be voting Tory, but no, she had neither seen or heard of the Tory candidate and would support our man. So it seems that the ties of political allegiance have been broken............

I popped into our local butcher on the way out this morning and the conversation turned quickly to the election. 'Your guy's doing well in the media' I was told. followed up by someone else saying 'It would be good to have a change from the 'old parties'.

What is interesting here is that the thing about Nick doing well in the media was said in full knowledge of today's headlines and that the second comment used Nick's phrase about the 'old parties'.

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