Friday, 23 April 2010

Feeble attacks and reprehensible smears

My colleague Richard Hands clearly had problems sleeping last night as he had scan the morning newspapers before I'd finished my first cup of tea. He was most delighted that the smears against Clegg had been effectively refuted-even if the were no front page banner headlines apologising. He was most taken with the editorial in the Independent:

Leading article: Feeble attacks and reprehensible smears

Friday, 23 April 2010

The vested interests of British politics are fighting back. The Liberal Democrats' remarkable surge in the opinion polls has provoked a deluge of attacks and smears on the party from those who would like to preserve the traditional two-party status quo.
The Conservatives unleashed their business spokesman, Ken Clarke, this week to issue dire (and unconvincing) threats about the disaster that would befall Britain's economy if the election resulted in a hung parliament. But that was mild compared to the abuse that some of the Tory party's friends in the press have heaped on the Liberal Democrats in recent days.

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