Saturday, 17 April 2010

Even if it will cause Simon Shaw to say 'I told you so.....'

In all the lead up to the election my colleague Simon Shaw always asserted that Clegg would outstrip the highest expectations in the debates. His confidence was based on the work that Frank Luntz did on Newsnight back in 2008. Mike Smithson makes the same point over on Political Betting  and you can watch the video here.

It must be said that since that event Clegg has come along way. His presentation has been improved in scores of local meetings. He will need all that experience next week. Foreign Affairs don't usually impact on voting (except the Iraq war -which should come up) but the populist card on immigration, Europe and nuclearweapon will be played by Cameron.. I think that the one great gaff of the first debate was Cameron's. What on earth possessed him to suggest that we had to prepare to have a nuclear stand-off with China. The man is a public danger. Nick needs to be as honest and straight forward as he was in round one. He must not confuse the message on Trident. It must go.

It does seem presumptuous offer advice to a bloke who did so well but I do think Cameron is vulnerable on the expenses front.A list of big wig Tories who blocked reform and another of Cameroons who flipped their houses and have not paid back the money would not go amiss. Judging by Cameron's body language he doesn't like it when he is under fire.

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