Saturday, 10 April 2010

Conservative Home fails to give the full picture............

Over on Conservative Home they have a review of Sefton as several sharp eyed folk have noticed. Describing the councillor with the highest allowance* claim in Southport as an excellent PPC they acknowledge that the Tory fortunes in Southport have slumped. I remember the days when there 18 Tories and only 3 Lib Dems councillors in Southport. Today there are only six Tories and one of them is suspended, another has been suspended and the last leader got so fed up with the nasty infighting he joined the Labour Party! I should also mention that a third former leader has had to put up with the 'excellent PPC' allowing her chief cheer leader to pay to publish a book 'slagging him off'. All in all Southport Tories are not a happy or united bunch (OK I know the articled linked there is a little out of date; it doesn't mention several other high level resignations or another Tory leader-not previously mentioned- standing as an independent)

I fully understand why Tim Montgomerie has not published the full story, if he had I suspect that Mrs Parry (the Tory council leader) would have demanded to have him suspended, wished him a happy retirement and sort to blocked any attempt at an appeal!

Oh, and while we are in the business of doing corrections we ought to rebut one nasty smear that publish on Conservative home. The suggestion is made that the Lib Dems are running an ageist campaign (Funny that is what former Tory Leader Eric Storey accused the Tories of doing!). For the record we all believe that the age of a candidate is not important but rather their capacity to do the job. Despite the efforts of Tory supporters to try and trap us into commenting on their candidates age -we have just got on with the job of promoting our candidate who manifestly is up to the job. Most of the Tory discontent in Southport is-we are informed- related to the fact that many Tories have not the same level of confidence in their candidate
*based on the latest published figures

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