Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Campaign song competition

We have carried postings on campaign songs from the past in Southport as well as The Land Song. One of our longest serving friends and supporters,Bernie Blaney, who helped us produce the first Birkdale Bulletin back in 1981(before we changed the name to FOCUS)  has suggested  Beatles’ songs for the election

Labour:        Dear Prudence
                   Don’t let me down
                   Every little thing
                   Get Back
                   I’ll be back
                   I’m down
                    I Should have known better
                   Oh! Darling
Cons:            Ask me why
                   Baby you’re a rich man
Bad to me
I don’t want to spoil the party
I’m looking through you
It’s all too much
Like dreamers do
Nobody I know
Not a second time
Run for your life
Tell me why
This boy
LibDems:      All together now
                   All you need is love
                   Come together
                   Getting better
                   Got to get you into my life
                   Here, there and everywhere
                   I’ll keep you satisfied
I want to hold your hand
I want you
I will
Step inside love
Think for yourself
We can work it out
With a little help from my friends
You never give me your money
BNP/UKIP   For no one
                   Hello goodbye
                   I’ll get you
                   I’m a loser
                   Love me do
                   Nowhere man
                   The end
                   A world without love
                   You won’t see me

General:       Tomorrow never knows

Bonus:          Won’t get fooled again – The Who
There might be others!

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