Friday, 23 April 2010

Begging letter from William Hague

I really enjoyed this one. Having squandered the millions that his tax avoiding mate Ashcroft has given to the Tories -to no discernible effect- Hague is emailing his supposed poorer friends to ask them for cash. He pleads:

..............I want to ask you today if you can give just one pound a day to our campaign until we get to polling day.If you give now, you'll be giving just £14. We're not bankrolled by union barons, so small online donations like this from people like you are crucial to our campaign.

Ashcroft said no then?

I will be posting later on about how badly the Tories have spent the cash is this neck of the woods. I would suggest that any performance management system would show such poor outcomes  that it would be folly to invest in failure.

Roll on funding reform of political parties!

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