Thursday, 25 March 2010

Woodstock Dr

I can fully see why the residents of Woodstock Drive get angry about the parking in their street. Often there are cars parked both sides of this narrow cul-de sac. As our photo shows they park up right to the junction and even obstruct the dropped curb -there for wheel chair users.

We've had the engineers out on several occasions to explore ways of ameliorating the situation. At present we have a recommendation that has been approved by the road safety people. We have asked for further options to be drawn up and the residents consulted.
Some of you may think that this is a routine bit of casework so why am I writing it up for the blog. Well I am guessing that despite the fact that we have been fully engaged on this matter-especially my colleague Cllr Shaw-it will not belong before our Tory opponent will suddenly discover this matter and offer to 'keep an eye on it'.
We are getting used to this technique-after we had the Hillside pine woods litter picked and got it put into the schedule all of a sudden she appeared and said 'she would keep an eye on it'. Well actions speak louder than 'keeping an eye on it'

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