Sunday, 7 March 2010

Women of distinction

The Independent on Sunday is looking back on a 100years of the Womens' Movement and list women of distinction. I was struck by the absence of Nancy Seear, Shirley Williams and one or two others.
Having searched through Google images I can find only one picture. Wikipedia is not much better but if the Independent had consulted its own obituary section they would have found Geoff Tordoff's excellent reflection on her life. As Geoff points out even The Times acknowleged her contribution:

While scathing on the subject of positive discrimination she was fiercely active in campaigning for equal pay for work of equal value. The Times said in 1972: "Baroness Seear is to Feminists as Marx is to Marxists . . . Her works, on equal pay and opportunities, are for ever either being quoted, looked up or written down . . ."

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  1. Shirley Williams rocks -- really an awesome politician.


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