Monday, 22 March 2010

What does History say?

I know many folk have been impressed by the blogging over at Mark Reckons. Mark came to most peoples notice when he did a detailed statistical analysis of the correlation between MPs who held a safe seat and the extent to which they abused the expenses system. This work was picked up by Radio 4 and by Polly Toynbe in the Guardian. Since then Mark has maintain a constant stream of excellent posts. If you've time have a look at his guest piece today on Lib Dem Voice

And while we are looking at stories on Lib Dem Voice I was pleased to see was that Craig Murray has re-joined the Lib Dems. Craig was a YL back in the early 70s before starting on his career which ended as Ambassador to Uzbekistan . His book Murder in Samarkand was recently turned into an excellent Radio 4 play with Craig being played by David Tennant. His principled stand against torture and his confrontation with Jack Straw has done much to exposed New Labour.

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