Friday, 26 March 2010

Tory Blackspot goes viral

It is several months since a Tory first talked to me about 'getting the blackspot' since when several more Tory councillors have been visited by the Tory equivalent of 'blind Pugh'. The most recent is former Tory Leader Eric Storey-of whom more shortly.

In a recent posting when reviewing the body-count in Tory Civil war I got to speculating who might be next. It must be acknowledged that I have an uncanny power of prediction in this matter. Back in November 2007 I predicted those under threat.

It strikes me that the two next in line are Sir Ron Watson and Peter Papworth. They are both elderly -Eric Storey openly claims that he got the blackspot because of his age- both are conspicuously brighter and better informed than those handing out the spots and both being capable of coherent thought no doubt express their views rather than meekly follow instructions.

It was a bit surreal last night when Sir Ron rose to speak in a debate on public transport and began by sticking a blackspot on his forehead! He proceeded to give a plug for the Birkdale blog (many thanks Ron-all endorsements welcome). I was a little uncertain whether Ron was trying a little medical experiment to test whether by wearing a blackspot for a short time me might build up some resistance, a sort of inoculation. But on reflection I decided he was just giving a demonstration of his capacity to withstand the curse of the blackspot and handing out a warning about his power.

Next up was Papworth, he too began by donning a blackspot on his forehead before beginning to try and persuade us that the Tories had been in the forefront of the campaign for free pensioners travel on Merseyside. Fortunately there were some us around who are survivors of that battle and fully recall the Tories preference for handing out tokens to Sefton's pensioners rather than full passes. And so it came to pass that Papworth forgot he was wearing a blackspot and rounded on his critics. It was hard to conceal a smile when you witness a grown man accuse people of being childish when he has a sticky piece of black paper attached to his forehead!

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