Wednesday, 24 March 2010

stop front in Sefton Tory Civil War

Ageism and control freakery

We reported last week on the roll call of Sefton Tory Councillors who had received the black spot from the Porter-Parry leadership: Wendy Jones, David Pearson, Ron Roberts, Les Byrom, Tom Glover and now Eric Storey. It would appear that the most dangerous thing to be in Sefton is a former leader of the Tory group. Every single one of them has been targeted by Ms Parry.

Let us be clear Eric was unanimously selected by Formby Tories to fight the seat. It seems that they have been over-ruled. So much for local control of the Tory party-you are not even allowed to choose your own council candidate. First Southport Tories were taken over by the national party and an outside chair imposed now Formby Party has been over-ruled.

Eric's crime-he is too old! Responding to Mrs Parry's statement dismissing him he said: “She has given voice to ageism.”
He went on:

“I wouldn’t want to go back to the party now because the party high command is too controlling of candidates – even in local wards.

“Candidates are now expected to sign a lengthy contract which binds them to the party machine.

“That’s not the type of person I want to deal with, it’s becoming very control freakish.”

This is dangerous ground for the Tories, in Mrs Porter they have a parliamentary candidate well passed retirement age. On our side we have always been clear her age is simply not an issue, the question is how well equipped is she to do the job. In Eric Storey the Tories have one of the brightest councillors in the chamber. He is well informed and thoughtful. He has a wide experience and takes his duties seriously. I can think of several younger Tories who wouldn't score as well as Eric on those tests. In elections in Formby he regularly tops the poll. But as the quotes above show Eric is not comfortable in the control freek style of the Tory leadership and I do not doubt that he has said as much. That I suspect is his crime.
Who is next? Well Peter Papworth must be vulnerable, they would love to remove Sir Ron Watson and I understand that there are already moves afoot to destabilise Jeremy Myers who has been selected to fight Dukes Ward next time. One day, surely one day they will get off their knees and fight back? Oh did I mention there are only 16 Tory Councillors left.-there used to be almost 40!

Full story in the Liverpool Daily Post thanks to Jack Colbert for the tip off

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