Monday, 22 March 2010


I usually go for a walk at lunchtime if I've been stuck in the office . Luckily I'm based on Hope Street in Liverpool. This is the street that links the two Cathedrals, so even a a dreich day like today I can go for a walk inside.
Today I went to the Catholic Cathedral and was rewarded by hearing the girls choir rehearse. the circular layout of the building is ideal for my purpose. In the side chapels there are ofter exhibitions and today I stumbled upon a really impressive one about the Sreepur village in Bangladesh and the part that people her in the NW have been playing in its economic improvement. The story was around a Liverpool women Ruby Porter who is a leading light in the Merseyside Embroiderers group. Some years back she saw a television documentary about the building of an orphanage in this Bangladesh village. She became involved in the embroidery and textile work they do and was fascinated by many of the traditional colouring, weaving and embroidery skills there. The vocational training in the village now uses those skills to give people the means to earn a living. There were examples of their work and -even to one who knows nothing about embroidery-it looked amazing. I see that Ruby Porter also came along to the Southport Quilters earlier this year.

It is sad that we don't get to hear more about the stories of the many people whose activities make a real difference to peoples lives. Who said altruism is dead.

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