Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The relief of not being love bombed

It significant -although rare-that Steve Richards decided to write about Lib Dems this morning in the Independent. I've always thought he is one of the journalists who would benefit from a little 'reality orientation'. His analysis is deeply mired in an acceptance of two party politics and the reality of the electors voting habits has not led him to appreciate a more pluralist politics. Nevertheless bludgeoned by wall to wall coverage of the possibility of a hung parliament he has turned his attention to the Lib Dems -well partially turned his attention.

If he fails to understand the Lib Dems at least he seems to have a handle on Cameron's Tories writing:

His (Cameron) polling advisers told him at the beginning of his leadership he must take on the Lib Dems as a major priority, which is partly why he discovered an enthusiasm for "green" issues that had not been a prominent feature in his career up until that point. Within months Cameron and George Osborne were suggesting to at least one Lib Dem MP that they should defect, as if the Conservatives had been "modernised" by a few speeches and a photo call with huskies on ice.

As we all know this policy has run out of steam. It is a blessed relief not to be being 'love bombed' by Eric Pickles. It was always ridiculous to have Tories parading their new found Green credentials. And it is reassuring to see how quickly they have dropped them. Look at the new Tory priorities -no mention of 'green issues'.

I am a tad more sympathetic to one or two Tories (David Davis) who genuinely had a belief in civil liberties-even if it was a narrow interpretation the issues. But the vision of some of our Tories with a new found belief in Liberalism was hard to swallow. We had a debate a while back about identity cards and our Tories split. The present parliamentary candidate voted against our motion. today she behaves as if that was someone else. On gay rights she put out a nasty scurrilous leaflet attacking Lib Dems for wanting to abolish section 28 and saying that Lib Dems were not to be trusted with our children's education!. No apology and now she goes about as if that was done by someone else. We have the nasty leaflet-published by her husband and campaign manager. He does seem to have repeated the folly of committing foolish and ill judged comments in writing. If you have not read it please take time to read his poison pen letter to a senior Tory.

The more I reflect on this the more I think we should use the possibility that new technologies give us to hold them to account. It would be much more compelling to see a video of them tripping up again and again. I think the public ought to see these things!

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