Monday, 8 March 2010

Police Statement on Birkdale gun and grenade attacks

I have received the following statement from the police about the incidents in Selworthy Drive:

Dear Resident,
You will no doubt have been aware of the significant police presence within Selworthy Road at different times during 2009. You will I am sure, also be aware of a number of incidents including firearms discharges and hand grenade attacks directed toward one of the residents within Selworthy Road.
In my role as Senior Investigating Officer in respect of these incidents and investigations I write to provide a brief update in respect of these matters.
In early 2009, an incident took place in Bootle whereby a male was threatened by others in possession of a firearm, this incident centred on a business transaction. The male threatened was an associate of a resident living within Selworthy Road. This matter was subsequently reported to the police and resulted in the arrest of three males.
Following the arrest of the three males a series of incidents were reported to the police involving firearms discharges, arson attacks, criminal damage and attacks with hand grenades. These incidents were directed toward the associates of the male initially threatened in Bootle, in excess of twenty such incidents were investigated by Merseyside Police during 2009.
During the course of these investigations a total of twenty eight people have been arrested a number of whom were subsequently charged with various offences.
It is my opinion that these offences were carried out in an attempt to disrupt the ongoing prosecution of the three males initially arrested and remanded in custody and to deter other potential witnesses in that case from giving evidence at future court proceedings which had been listed for trial at Liverpool Crown Court on Monday 16th November 2009.
The last incident reported to the police was an explosion at the address in Selworthy Road on Friday 13th November 2009.
Following a lengthy trial at Liverpool Crown Court the three males charged with the initial offence in Bootle were found not guilty.
Currently the only outstanding prosecution relates to the recovery of a hand grenade on a garden wall in Selworthy Road in July 2009 and the subsequent arrest of three males. All three males have pleaded guilty at Liverpool Crown Court in respect of this incident. Two of the males have been sentenced to five years and four and a half years imprisonment; the third male is to be sentenced on 26th February 2010.
There is currently no intelligence available to me which would indicate that any further criminal activity is being planned or is likely in respect of these matters. Should the intelligence picture change in this regard I will provide a further update at the earliest opportunity.
I trust that this summary provides you with detail which previously has not been made available by the police although I do accept that due to issues around confidentiality I have not included personal details of individuals involved.

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