Thursday, 25 March 2010

No show Debi fails to put in an appearance again

If you want a host for show a show Debi Jones will be there, if you want someone to sing a sing, the first verse of Silent Night at a Carol Service she's your girl-all smiles, not politics and lots of photos, and as the say on Merseyside ''she'd even turn up for the opening of an envelope if she thought there would be a picture'' So why is the lady so shy of being questioned?

The FT has done an article this morning on the Sefton Central constituency.(you may need to -register to read it)
The article says how the Tory PPC "refused to answer questions from the Financial Times on the impact of public sector cuts on her constituency and declined to be interviewed for this article."
This follows her rumoured unavailability to take part in a debate with the Liverpool Echo (she was in London) and alleged insistence that she will only speak to sixth formers in Maghull on her own and if she is given the questions in advance.

Debi who is a councillor for Manor Ward-where the Lib Dems made a spectacular gain recently-has already announced that she is standing down from the council to go to Westminster. A little previous I think as Sefton Central is not in the bag for the Tories. Debi has never been a high profile councillor and I must check out her attendance record, after all as the HR folk say-the best guide to future performance is past performance-and we certainly don't want a part time MP. The Sefton Tories are tearing themselves apart and the forced de-selection of Eric Storey from his council seat even after his ward had unanimously backed him is certainly having repercussion. I hear strong hints that Eric will stand as an Independent in May.

Now I understand that the Tory game plan is just not to make any mistakes. Of the two Tory PPC's in Sefton I've met I would not say that Debi is the gaffe prone one when it comes to policy. Now here was me thinking the Tory party might have change-all this talk of open-ness and transparency. Well it clearly doesn't extend to Sefton Central. What has she got to hide?

memo to political betting: Sefton Central is worth a dabble on Richard Clein

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