Monday, 1 March 2010

Liberal Youth and Contactpoint

Sarah Harding one of Birkdale Lib Dems leading activists spent the weekend at the Liberal Youth Conference. I was out canvassing at the weekend when she sent me an email asking about the Contactpoint data base that the government is setting up and which Sefton is an early adopter

I'm sorry I didn't have time to get back to Sarah. Contactpoint is really another one of those data based beloved of New Labour which will have a very intrusive impact on many young people's lives, cost a minor fortune and be of questionable worth.

Liberty did a briefing on it a while back and there have been a lot of concern in the computer world about the security of the system. It is certainly on the Lib Dem hit list of systems that should be axed. Even those fair weather civil libertarians in the Tory party want to scarp it.

In the Freedom Bill Chris Huhne is promoting the scrapping of this proposal is a key commitment

I is good to hear that Liberal Youth are taking up this issue-it stands as a proxy for so many issues which turn progressive people off the Labour Party (New and Old)

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  1. Sarah was brilliant. The motion passed with only one vote against. Well done Sarah


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