Monday, 15 March 2010

fate of Sefton Tory councillors: First the naughty step and then the blackspot

The Porter Parry Tory leaderenes on Sefton Council are at it again. What was it that Lord Acton said about power.

Like some dragon in a tale from the dark ages the Tory Leadership is being placated by sacrifices. Cllr Roberts has the 'blackspot' and is standing down and it is being whispered that a former Tory Leader-Eric Storey-is also in line for a visit.

Cllr Roberts is not a man I cannot recall ever having ever heard speak on the council-not even to ask to have the window open. He has done sterling work for the Tories propping up the Labour Chair of the Merseytravel-in fact he has been far more supportive than many Labour folk who utter dark threats under their breath. I well recall how without enquiring in to the details of Les Byrom's leaving of the Tory party many rightwing bloggers slagged him off about the level of his expenses. They really ought to take a look at Cllr Roberts from the Merseyside Transport body. It would make their eyes water. Do doubt the Labour chair thinks the money is well spent if it kept him supporting the Lab-Con pact. Now this is not the reason Ron has been given the blackspot ......

The History of the Conservative Sefton backspot
First Wendy Jones (Conservative Blundellsands) got the blackspot. She fought a valiant battle but lost. Then David Pearson (Conservative Dukes)moved from the naughty step to receiving the black spot without even passing go-talk about being condemned without a fair trail. The poor man didn't even know what he was accused of. Pearson battle against the Blackspot and managed (after a period of suspension) to defeat it. Then came poor Les Byrom who went from Leader to excluded almost overnight. Sir Ron dons his invisibility cloak whenever he is threatened and so far -apart from a severe slagging off from the Porter 'attack mice'-has survived.
Jackie Glover (Chair Southport Conservative Assoc) got the blackspot for 'speaking truth unto power'. Cllr Tom Glover(Cambridge Ward conservative -former Leader) had his delivered by post with instructions never to be in the same room as the Tory candidate.

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