Friday, 5 March 2010

Competition-is this the worst Tory leaflet ever?

With all the money from the tax dodger from Belize at their disposal Sefton Tories still mange to turn out some pretty sub standard literature. Here is a prime example. Not only is the content unremittingly negative and the design naff but a lot of the facts and insinuations are wrong. It was so deliciously bad that we did seriously think about volunteering to deliver it-our Tories do struggle to get leaflets out-unless that is they come by post.
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You can see the detail on our website at:
I particularly like the bit that says Conservative unity goes from strength to strength. if you've not heard about the vicious civil war inside Southport Tories and the suspensions, resignations, arrests and nasty denunciations take a look.

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  1. You,ve got us beat Iain. We've had some bad ones in Kew ward but this one surpasses all that we have had. We await this years contributions in Kew with baited breath as nothing has been seen on resident's doorsteps for the last 2 years from the Tories!

    Cllr Mike Booth


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