Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The cleaning of Hillside Pine Woods

To begin at the end, the Pine Woods are to be litter picked every six weeks and has been added to the schedule undertaken at weekends starting at 6am when traffic is much lighter, so the work will be done in future at weekends either Saturday or Sunday.

I have been asked by a number of residents about the cleaning of Hillside Pine Woods. I don't usually write up casework on the blog but I'm happy to put on record the chain of events.
One Saturday at the end of January I was emailed by a local resident asking if the Pinewoods could be cleared of litter. I have to say that both banks of Hillside Bridge were a mess and getting them cleared is a regular struggle.
I wrote straight away to the Cleansing Department. After chasing I finally got response on the 12th February which essentially said 'not us Gov' I will not bore you with the list of difficulties that were conjured up-suffice to say that I feared it was being tossed into the bureaucratic long grass. The house have been there since Lloyd George led the Liberal Party so it is not a new problem
On the same day I emailed the Chief Exec pointing out that the residents should not suffer because the officers of the council couldn't get there act together. I copied the correspondence to the residents and told them I had asked the Chief Exec to bang some heads together.
On the 19th February I got an email from the Chief exec letting me know that she had not forgotten about my request and saying that she hoped there would be some progress soon. I copied this to the residents.
I was getting extremely frustrated and over that weekend the three Birkdale Lib Dem Councillors got together to catch up. I raised this issue and my colleague Richard Hands suggested that the Community Payback Team run by the probation service might do a one off clean up.
Richard was as good as his word and got on to the probation service who agreed to include the work in their schedule of March. I wrote to the residents on 25 Feb with the good news that we had a short term fix.
Regrettably the Community Payback team did not keep to their schedule and the Pinewoods were not cleaned on the agreed date. I was contacted by the residents.
I emailed the Chief Exec again telling her that this was becoming a gross embarrassment and surly the work could be done now and the internal issues sorted out later-that was on the 8th March
Rejoice! On the 9th of March the work was done and it was agreed that the work would be routinely carried out every six week. Phew!

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