Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Another self inflicted Tory wound

We thought it would be interesting to 'deconstruct' the recent Tory leaflet. We will start with part of the rant on page 2. ' Are you happy with Southport's anti social issues?' Well who we wondered is responsible 'anti social issues' in Southport?

Question submitted by Councillor Shaw to the Cabinet Member – Communities (Councillor Porter)

“1. Will the Cabinet Member confirm that she is aware that her responsibilities include: “To co-ordinate the Council's response to community safety issues including crime/fear of crime, anti-social behaviour, drugs and alcohol?” (Clause B7 in Part 3 of Constitution – “Responsibility for Functions”); and

2. Is the Cabinet Member satisfied with the Council’s performance in this area?”

Response from the Cabinet Member - Communities

“1. Yes; and

2. I am never complacent. We can and will strive to do better at all times”

Now don't get me wrong I think that the government has long ago forgotten the second bit of Blair's clever soundbite 'tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime'. But to castigate Lib Dems and accuse of us running 'an incredibly lazy regime' when the Councillor responsible for such matter is none other than the Tory PPC Cllr Porter does display a certain cack handedness .

Another fine mess Regan has landed them in. Do take a look at the extracts from the book slagging off senior Southport Tories. It clearly reflects badly on whoever let the author become such a key player in the Tories at the expense of manifestly better qualified and experienced members. I know that is the issue which concerns many Tories in the town

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