Monday, 1 February 2010

worth being aware..........

Nich Starling the award winning Norfolk Blogger has recently done a posting about six stories that won't make Iain Dale's Daily Dozen. As I'm sure you all know Mr Dale is a leading Tory blogger and -to be fair- one of the most successful and well written/read political blogger in the UK.
Nich kindly mentioned the Birkdale Focus article on the woes of Southport Conservative party as one of his half dozen-for which much thanks. I was interested in another story he picked about an upcoming Tory selection and the information I glean from Mr Dale's Diary about the Tory selection process:
Yesterday, Suffolk Coastal Conservatives met at CCHQ to draw
up their shortlist to succeed John Gummer. The hoped for phone call telling me I had made it never came, so when I saw the
shortlist on ConHome
today it didn’t come as a surprise. That may
well be curtains for me. It was the last seat operating by the old rules. All other seats are now being selected by the new system in which Eric Pickles nominates a shortlist of at least three. It has already been made clear that the same names will not keep cropping up in this process (and rightly so) so if I get one chance, I’d better make sure I take it.
So the answer to the unspoken question-which is known in management speak as the 'Big Red Bus' question- is now clear. If, for any reason, the Southport Tories had to find another candidate then Mr Pickles would get to choose.
I happy to admit that I look at Mr Dale's blog and was pleased to see a warm and generous appreciation of Duncan Brack. Duncan-among many other things -edits the Liberal History Journal which has been promoting our event to commemorate the 1910 election to be held on 13 Feb. Tickets and further details from Rachel on 01704 533555

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