Monday, 1 February 2010

Vince tells of Tory abuse.

It was instructive to be reminded by Vince Cable about the abhorrent level of abuse that the Tories dished out to Charles Kennedy as he opposed the Iraq War. The baying rabble on the Conservative backbenches who shouted 'traitor' and worse at Kennedy played their part in allowing the illegal war to go a head. It is right that they too should be held account. The Tories en mass supported the war and the ludicrous 'neo con' view of the world that underpinned it. There were a few exception but to listen to Tories now as they attempt to imply that they too had doubts about the war is nauseating.

Here in Southport-where we are frequently subjected to our local Tories objecting to even the mildest challenge-it makes us smile. I was accused of 'bullying' our Tory PPC because I dared to challenge her about her voting against the Chief Exec recommendation that we should axe some high paid management posts. She did not formally complain-no doubt having been advised that the independent folk there including senior staff did not feel anything untoward had happened. Instead she ran to the press to' smear' us with the unsubstantiated allegation. Just imagine her reaction if she had been subjected to one hundredth of the abuse Kennedy was given by the Tories.

Oh, incidentally, Kennedy was right over the War. the Tories were wrong.

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