Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Upper Aughton Rd -progress at last

This is one of those issues that we never seem to get sorted. A Housing Association-Servite-bought a site in Upper Aughton Rd Birkdale a decade ago.

(I should make clear that altho the site is in Birkdale it is in Kew Ward-in fact the boundary runs down the middle of the road. The real boundary between Southport and Birkdale is a few yards further north at the appropriately named Boundary Street)

Anyway Servite sat on this land and did nothing. A clear argument for Land Tax if ever I heard one. Last year Servite disposed of the site and sold it on to another Housing Association. Richard Hands and I went to the Leigh HQ of this new owner and were promised action. One of the milestones was to be a planning application submitted by Christmas 2009. Christmas came and there was not application. My heart sank, the residents contacted me, I contacted the Housing Association who sent me a reassuring letter. I have received lots of reassuring letters about this site but never any action.

Today is a red letter day. The Housing Association has submitted a planning application for18 new homes.

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