Thursday, 11 February 2010

Tory chair sacked in row with PPC-sound familiar?

A long standing and respected local chair of a constituency is removed by the Tory high command after falling out with the candidate. An everyday story of the Conservative party as the tight knit central command of the Conservatives sweep away local autonomy.
It is interesting that the methods used appear to be different. In the case of Southport the chair was just removed and an outsider imposed. In Westminster North (is that the home of Lady Porter?) an emergency meeting was held. Judging by the local journalist who gained entry Pickles was throwing his weight around.

Is this another case of the north south divide?

Undoubtedly what has annoyed many Southport Conservatives is that the chair was not given a proper opportunity to answer the allegations made against her-and many think that they would not have stood up to proper challenge. No word of a fall out between the chair and the candidate had leaked out and yet she was removed without the membership being consulted and when an AGM was due. That shows real contempt for the membership.

All this tells us a lot about the media. Joanne Cash's photo is on most front pages and acres of newsprint have been devoted to the story. Well Southport is along way from Westminster and we can't expect the poor dears to travel.

I thought this bit from the Telegraph was interesting as it reveals the reaction of many Tories

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