Friday, 19 February 2010

Tories vote for First Class travel on Fire Authority

One of the things that so hacked off Nicholas Winterton was that councillors got first class travel. I was about to dismiss that as ill informed fantasy when word reached me of the Tory and Labour budget on Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority.
My on the spot reporter-no other than Jack Colbert wites:
Libdems put forward a budget at today's Merseyside Fire Authority's meeting. Yes, you guessed it, Labour and the Tories voted against it and voted through 3.85% increase- the biggest Fire Authority increase in the Country!!! We put into the Libdem budget to reduce councillors allowances by 10%., stop first class travel etc - the Tories said we were being political!!
The Lab Con coalitions across Merseyside in Fire , Transport etc need close examination. I remember the torrent of abuse Les Byrom got on Tory websites when his expences were published. They really ought to look at some of their colleagues on these bodies.
photo Jack with Sir Ron Watson at the LGA conference

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