Monday, 15 February 2010

Sefton plus feedback

I was having a look today at the Formby First website which belongs to Sean Brady an independent Parish Councillor in Formby. (One day someone will have to explain to why the Sefton Borough Councillors for the patch loathe the Formby Parish Council. Their contempt is scarcely cloaked)
Sean was the Labour candidate in Southport in 1983 when I fought the General Election here. He was very effective in that role and even though we squeezed Labour down to 8% his efforts stopped us gaining more. In 1987 a less impressive Labour candidate let the vote slide further 6%. Paul Brant, who was also a good Labour candidate, got it up to over 16% but slipped back by about 4% in 2004

Anyway I was interested to see Sean blogging on the performance of Sefton plus. I greatly welcome citizens doing as Sean advices. The key additional thing for me is to see how the information collected by Sefton Plus is fed into ward Councillors and departmental improvement plans. I am working on this and I hope that we will see something soon.

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