Thursday, 4 February 2010

Not wishing to cause trouble, but

I was taken with Cllr Sir Ron Watson's (Dukes Ward, Con) quote published in the LGA magazine recently. I don't wish to cause trouble in the Southport Tory group (altho I am confident that Sir Ron can look after himself) but given our local Tory leadership want to leave the LGA and have set their face like a flint against facilitating Sir Ron's involvement, just mentioning LGA and Sir Ron in the same sentence is likely to see him relegated to what Tory dissidents call the 'naughty step'.

Anyway back to Sir Ron's quote :
'I do believe, however, that robust political debate is healthy, and this has always been a feature of my life as a Conservative councillor on Merseyside.'

We had a Southport Area committee last night (Mrs Porter was absent) so I asked Sir Ron about his work on the Standard Committee for England. Let us be fair Sir Ron and I both wish to see the whole New Labour structure demolished.

He repeated the quote he gave to the LGA (above) and told us a story of a thin skinned councillor who pursued their complaint against another member. Let us be clear the incident was 'minor' in almost anyones book. The word s used were 'stronger' than anyone has used in Sefton for many a long year and I share Sir Ron's view that: 'robust political debate is healthy'

Nevertheless I got to pondering if I knew anyone on Sefton who would have made similar protests . You've got it.

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