Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Liberal England: Colin Ward 1924-2010

Liberal England: Colin Ward 1924-2010
Jonathan Calder reports the death of Colin Ward. He did much to bring the works of Kropotkin to a new audience. He wrote, along with David Crouch, the classic study on Allotments-their landscape and culture and as Jonathan picked up at the time it was his commentary on the Kropotkin's Factory Fields and Workshops Tomorrow that encouraged and informed a new wave of allotmenteers .
His book 'Tenant's Takeover' influenced ideas in housing for a generation.
Anyone struggling to imagine how you can create a fair and free world without the threat of oppressive state power will find Colin Ward of great interest. He champion mutualism before it was fashionable. A while ago I noted that Tory David Willets had been on Radio 4's Start the Week quoting Kropotkin and alluding to the work of Ward.

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