Thursday, 18 February 2010

Forget the spin this is the Tory Party

Winterton's outburst on Radio 5 today is no surprise. He wants to travel first class. He means that he shouldn't have to mix with '"a.. totally different type of people."
Let us remind ourselves about these rightwing Tories who have been licensed to spout their nasty thoughts for more than a generation; their visits to the all white regime in South Africa, their opposition to the Northern Irish peace process, their obsession with denying lesbian's rights, their moralising and snobbishness. Finally Michael Howard sacked one of them for telling racist jokes. The catalogue of shame would take too long to write down but still they keep the Tory whip and year after year the support of Tory members.
The expenses scandal finally did for them. Read about it in the Daily Telegraph and here and here and here-Mrs Winterton is not such a Lady as she would like us believe.

Can I say that the bit that gets my goat is the crass and repeated failure of the media. There was no secret that the Winterton's held extreme and nasty views but they were treated with kid gloves by the local media. Their journalists and editors must of heard them tell the same racist 'jokes' but they kept stum. They were treated with fawning deference. Thanks to the internet age I doubt we shall not see their like again in elected office.

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