Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Another Merseyside MP stands down

The Labour MP for Liverpool Walton Peter Kilfoyle is standing down at the General Election. I always thought he was lucky to win the by election back in 1991. The media was obsessed with the Militant candidate and set it up as a battle between Militant and Labour. The truth was that Militant were never in with a serious shout and it was always a battle between Paul Clarke and Kilfoyle. Paul polled very well but could not overcome the media's simplistic portrayal of the campaign.
The toll of Labour candidates standing down around Liverpool is reaching epidemic proportions. Bootle's Joe Benton is sandwiched between two withdrawn candidates and rumours persist that he is about to join them. I am told that if he delays his departure until after the writ is moved the national exec gets to appoint the candidate. In that case I'm told it is bye bye to the chances of local Labour council boss Peter Dowd. I wonder who the powers that be would want to parachute into one of the few really safe seats? I heard a wicked rumour the other day that Joe's reward for delay may be a seat in the House of Lords and who I was asked might want to move in the opposite direction.

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