Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Tory civil war-regicide now on agenda

Southport Tories' civil war has not ceased. N0w evidence received by Birkdale Focus that a serious attempt at a coup is underway. Back in November 07 we predicted that 4 key Conservative councillors (they only have 6 as we write) were under attack. Sir Ron Watson, Les Byrom, David Pearson and Tom Glover-3 previous Tory leaders and a highly respected past Mayor. You would not believe me if told you what they said about this group. Fortunately you don't have to take my word for it as the Tory PPC's chief cheer leader published a book full of nasty comment about other party members. Read the key bits on our website-follow the links to Dirty Politics.

The attacks on David Pearson are well documented-including a clumsey attempt to deselect him which he saw off! Les Byrom got so fed up he joined the Labour Party and Sir Ron is just light years ahead of them in experience, intellect and general ability that he has stood his ground and easily seen off the attacks.

All of which leaves Tom Glover. Now body language alone would make you think that he was next to be picked on. The PPC behaves as if she has been instructed not to be left alone in his company. Worse still vile looks have been directed at his wife Jackie. Now most of us have always thought Jackie is the most formidable of the Tory women and if she had been born into a later generation she would have been the councillor and Leader not Tom. Upsetting Jackie would be a high risk strategy. Well some of the things that it is reported have been said about her make the nasty comments about Sir Ron look tame. Standby for fireworks. In such a show down my money is on Jackie.

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